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PRIME Multitracks

   Prime Multitracks by Loopcommunity, is a software that we use to playback all of our stems and arrangement tracks in our services real-time. Weekly, our Musical Directors team updates the set-lists, and the arranged songs from within the app, and it is available for all of our team to use! This makes it quite an effective rehearsal tool as well for several applications 


Musical arrangements can be rehearsed individually at slower tempos to really lock in certain rhythmic lines.


 Vocal parts can be soloed out, which allows for precise vocal rehearsals as well!

Sound Team:

The Sound team can also get a clear idea of how the songs in the service are being composed to sound, and can apply this to their mixing techniques and strategies!

Worship Leaders:

Worship leaders can also see the full arrangements of the songs, and can experiment with new and fresh concepts of the music with the full sound of a band behind them!

   As always, we pray that all of our ministry tools are a blessing to you, and that the increase your effectiveness and and ability to prepare for all of our services and events.

Thank you and God bless you!

- TW Hollywood Music

Download PRIME App

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Submit your PRIME Account Username information to our Worship Coordinators Team via the attached form below. 

Step 3:

  • Download and Enjoy PRIME!


Submit PRIME Username

Thanks for submitting!


Here are some quick tips to help enhance your experience with this app!


Musicians & Vocalists:

  • Download the Set at the beginning of the week and you will have the ability to isolate your part to practice with clarity and ease

  • Example) Soloing out the Piano part alonside the click 

  • Example) Soloing out the BGVs parts alonside the cues and piano/guitar only


Worship Leaders and Musical Directors:

  • Using this app, you will be able to review the arrangement of the week's song sets, which will allow you to practice flowing & leading alongside the tracks with the feel of the full vocal and musical team behind you!

  • Worship Leaders and Musical Directors can also experiment jumping around in the arrangements to create something different as well! This app is very flexible! 


(Note for the Music Director's and Tracks Engineers)

  • Please ensure that you BALANCE the levels of the different tracks prior to service, so that we can equip our teams with the best quality audio!

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