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Tuesday Rehearsal Outline 11/14/23

Tuesday Rehearsal Agenda: Date: 11/14/23 Location: 6675 Hollywood Blvd.

Time: 6:30PM Outline: 6:30PM -Team

7:00PM -Worship

7:15PM -Vocals and Band Split

7:45PM -Mic Up

7:50PM -Line Check

8:00PM -Run Through

8:30PM -Touch Up

9:00PM -Dismiss

Sunday AM Outline (Click on Link for Resources) Mic List: Mic 1 (WL): James Magana (T) Mic 2 (WL): Lousie-Anne Wyatt (S/A) Mic 3 (WL): Starr Higareda (S) Mic 4: Haydee Garay (S/A) Mic 5: Noor Savadra (S) Mic 6: Charvey Carter (A) Mic 7: Will Deluca (T)

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