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Sunday AM Outline 12/31/23


Sunday Morning Service Schedule: Date: 12/31/23 Location: 6675 Hollywood Blvd.

Time: 10:30 AM Team Huddle & Prayer:

  • 7:30 AM (All Scheduled Teams)

Praise & Worship Set:

(View PRIME for Up to Date Resources)

  1. Child of God [125BPM] - D

  2. Great Jehovah [BPM] - Bb

  3. I Speak Jesus [74BPM] - E

  4. Jesus [164BPM] - D

For access to Planning Center or PRIME click on the Images below:


Scheduled Teams

TWH Worship Directors: Music Director: Joseph Montalvo & Felipe Saenz Worship Lead Director: Raylena Rivera Vocal Director: Louise-Anne Wyatt Band Director: Joseph Montalvo Sound Director: Gabriel Avalos Coordinators: Aselina Taitano & Haydee Garay

TWH Singers: Mic 1 (WL): Louise-Anne Wyatt (A/T) Mic 2 (WL): Starr Higareda (S) Mic 3 (WL): James Magana (T) Mic 4: Haydee Garay (S) Mic 5: Shola Oshalusi (A)

Mic 6: James Fitzpatrick (T)

Mic 7: William Deluca (T)

TWH Musicians: Drums: Rudy Torres Bass: Jair Daniels Keyboard 1: Joseph Montalvo Keyboard 2: Felipe Saenz Guitar: Lauren Alleshouse Playback Engineer: Felipe Saenz

TWH Sound Team: FOH Engineer: John Boyd Monitor Engineer: David Rauda Logistics Tech: N/A Mic / W.D. Engineer: David Rauda Stage / Network Tech: John Boyd

Broadcast: Gabriel Avalos


Style Guide


Vocal Warm Ups

Remember to warm up; warming up your vocal chords will help your overall performance and longevity of your voice. Here's some workouts that will support your Intonation, Vocal Agility, Placement, Vocal Power, Breathing, and Syncopation.

Click the links below to start your warm-up and remember have fun!


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