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Sunday AM Outline


Sunday Morning Service Schedule:

Date: 12/3/23

Location: 6675 Hollywood Blvd.

Time: 10:00 AM

Team Huddle & Prayer:

  • 7:30 PM (All Scheduled Teams)

Praise & Worship Set:

(Click on Songs for Resources)


Scheduled Teams

TWLA Worship Directors:

Music Director: Joseph Montalvo

Worship Leads Director: Raylena Rivera

Vocal Director: Louise-anne Wyatt

Band Director: Felipe Saenz

Sound Director: Gabriel Avalos

Coordinators: Louise Anne Wyatt, Aselina Taitano & Felipe Saenz

TWLA Singers:

Mic 1 (WL): Sapphire Villa (A)

Mic 2 (WL): Aselina Taitano (S)

Mic 3 (WL): James Magana (T)

Mic 4: Jade Zegers (S)

Mic 5: Starr Higareda (S)

Mic 6: Louise-Anne Wyatt (A)

Mic 7: Will Deluca (T)

TWLA Musicians:

Drums: Rudy Torres

Bass: Jair Daniels

Keyboard 1: Joseph Montalvo

Keyboard 2: Filipe Saenz

Guitar: Lauren Alleshouse

Playback Engineer: Felipe Saenz

TWLA Sound Team:

FOH Engineer: David Rauda

Monitor Engineer: Ruth Estrada

Logistics Tech: Ruth Estrada

Mic / W.D. Engineer: Gabriel Avalos

Stage / Network Tech: Ruth Estrada


TWH Attire & Style Guide


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