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HSI Wednesday PM Outline 12/6/23

HSI PM Session:

Date: 12/6/23

Location: Ponderosa Chapel

Time: 7:00 PM



Team Huddle & Prayer:

  • 5:00 PM (All Scheduled Teams)



Praise & Worship Set:

  1. Praise [127BPM] - A

  2. I Gotta Song [120BPM] - D

  3. Mighty One [72BPM] - E

  4. Worthy [66BPM] - Db  






Scheduled Teams




HSI Worship Directors:

Music Director: Cruz Arguinzoni 

Worship Leads Director: Aselina Taitano

Vocal Director: Michael Espinoza

Band Director: Cruz Arguinzoni 

Sound Director: Gabriel Avalos

Coordinators: Michael Espinoza & Michelle Castello




HSI Singers:

Mic 1 (WL): Nathan Garcia (T)

Mic 2 (WL): Aselina Tatiano (S)

Mic 3: Briana Olvera (S)

Mic 4: Mystery Cisneros (A)

Mic 5: Nicole Vasquez (A)

Mic 6: Michael Espinoza (T)




HSI Musicians:

Drums: Nathaniel Cruz

Bass: Felipe Saenz

Keyboard 1:Cruz Arguinzoni 

Keyboard 2: Angel Luna

Guitar: Eddie Larita

Playback Engineer: Cruz Arguinzoni 


HSI Sound Team:

Audio Engineer (1): Gabriel Avalos

Audio Engineer (2): Daniel Rubidoux




HSI Style Guide





























Vocal Warm Up



Remember to warm up; warming up your vocal chords will help your overall performance and longevity of your voice. Here's some workouts that will support your Intonation, Vocal Agility, Placement, Vocal Power, Breathing, and Syncopation. Have fun!





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